Raised in Uganda, East Africa, Paul Nzalamba was exposed to art as a young child, watching his mother design and construct baskets, floor mats, and room dividers. He began drawing when he was nine, and by the time he was in high school, he was selling his paintings. Paul graduated with Distinction in Art and went on to refine his skills in college, learning batik, a wax resist fabric dying technique, from Katongole Wasswa, one of East Africa's most respected batik masters.

While achieving a degree in political science with honors at Makerere University in Kampala, he produced and sold his batik paintings. After further studies in Kenya, Paul traveled to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He found an enthusiastic audience for his fine art at West Coast art fairs and galleries and continued to refine and develop his batik techniques.

With an exotic and rhythmic use of vibrant color and form, these images express both his cultural heritage and his personal experiences. While his paintings depict scenes from his native Africa, the themes which dominate his work are universally human - family, relationships, celebration, and learning.

With years of experience and an intense personal commitment to artistic expression, Paul continues to produce fine art of lasting value.

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